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Tungsten Valve Seat Cutter/Newen tips

OEM Newen insert.

Same Material as Newen/serdi orignal.

MOQ 5 pcs each code



Tungsten Valve Seat Cutter/Newen Tips

a,b,c, a
precision positioning of the tip seat angle and proper tightening of the tip result directly from parameters a,b, c and a. Both the positioning of the seat angle of the tip and proper tightening of the tip are critical to ensure adequate rigidity of the tool and to eliminate chattering.

the seat angle of the screw hole is designed to ensure maximum pressure on the tips in their
housing. T8 torx screws guarantee optimum tightening of the tips.

this small radius, made while the tips are being machined, reinforces the tips significantly at this delicate place and allow for longer use of the tips.

the machining of the profile is done with a special concave shape which, in turn, allows for the
machining of more valve seats between resharpenings. This concave shape also allows the
customers who wish to resharpen their tips to do so more times since the above mentioned shape let them remove less material during any given sharpening operation.
the carbide used to manufacture tips is of the finest quality and is specially treated to make the
cutting edges of the tips as strong as possible.
the base of the tip has a relief angle in order to avoid heeling.

this dimension has very close tolerance in order to make the tips completely interchangeable without adjustment of the tool holder and for added precision and considerable time saving.

a1, a2, a3, a4, a5
all the angles are executed with a precision unequaled to date and are controlled automatically
while each tip is being machined. tips are machined one at a time to ensure perfect angle accuracy and consistency.